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Sheep Skin #25968

Sheep Skin #25968


Sheep Skin, Brown Dreaded Wool, 39" X 20"


Product Details

Our sheep skin rugs are home grown right here on the farm. our farm is animal welfare approved. We do not use chemicals and our sheep are pasture born, pasture raised and pasture fed. They enjoy a happy life in a picturesque pastoral setting.

This sheep skin has naturally occurring dreadlocks and a nice dark brown color.

This wool product is wonderful as a rug, can be used on a bed, chair or couch, as a wall hanging or in a baby room. Also may be used for a dog bed. Many wonderful uses.

These rugs can be a tremendous aid for folks that have arthritis or are bed ridden.

Care instructions: Shake outdoors; use a rug beater; or vacuum on a regular basis. To keep the pile lofty we recommend combing with a rug rake, carders, or combs. To clean, spot clean with gentle soap such as woolite. For deeper cleaning either dry clean or wash in a basin with tepid water and mild detergent, without agitation and then line dry.

coop #:25968